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The Laser Vision Center at Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons has an ongoing commitment to keep up with the latest technology, software and laser equipment available.

Advances in technology have resulted in the VISX CustomVue™ Individualized Laser Vision Correction procedure. This improvement brings LASIK vision correction to a whole new level of precision. It provides 25 times more precision than was previously available through glasses or contact lenses. By using this technology, we can measure unique imperfections in each individual's vision and create an detailed, precise map of the eye. Each WaveScan® measurement is much like a fingerprint - no two are alike. The surgeon uses this information to tailor an individualized Custom Vue treatment plan with the VISX S4 laser to meet each patient's specific needs.

The Laser Vision Center at Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons owns and operates its own WaveScan® system. We feel that this evaluation is critical and have made it a routine part of each patient's refractive surgical evaluation. Since the equipment is located in our office, you can see and discuss the results of your "fingerprint" scan before making important decisions about the best choices for your eyes. This gives you one more reassurance about the quality care provided by our professional team.

Custom Vue™ WaveFront® LASIK

Surgery Want freedom from glasses or contacts? It's time to consider Custom Vue™ WaveFront® LASIK Surgery.

Why Now?

  • Because with Eye Surgeons, Custom Vue™ WaveFront® LASIK surgery has never been better.
  • Our in-office WasveScan® measures the "fingerprint" of your vision because using an individualized map of your eye is the best way to achieve great vision.

Why Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons?

  • Named to Best Doctors in America since 1996
  • Named as one of NE Ohio's "TOP DOCS" by Cleveland Magazine
  • More than 20 years of experience in corneal and refractive surgery
  • Board certified ophthalmologist with additional specialty training in corneal surgery

New Laser Technology Offers Advanced Vision Correction

We use the most highly sophisticated technology, including Custom Vue™ WaveFront® guided laser vision correction system. (Click here to watch video.) This FDA approved system is manufactured by VISX. It employs a diagnostic unit called WaveScan that uses a laser grid to painlessly and safely evaluate a patient's refractive status literally as rapidly as the blink of an eye.

Your Personal Best Vision

"Up until this technology was introduced, eye doctors could only measure nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism," Dr. Lohman explains. "This new scan captures a precise 'fingerprint' for each eye so that specific imperfections unique to each person's vision can now be measured." The doctor can then use the WaveScan data to custom tailor correction for the unique characteristics of the patient's vision, resulting in "personal best vision" for each patient. Studies have shown that 70 percent of patients treated with this WaveFront system had either the same or better vision following treatment as they had with their best prescription glasses or contacts prior to surgery. In addition, CustomVue is the first personalized WaveFront system that is approved to correct both nearsightedness and astigmatism simultaneously during the same brief procedure.

Patients Satisfied With Night Vision

One concern of many people considering laser vision correction has been the slight risk of decreased nighttime vision due to glare or halos. Dr. Lohman notes that the precise data provided by the new WaveScan technology further improves the quality of outcomes from laser vision surgery. "VISX conducted subjective testing following CustomVue procedures that compared night vision before and after the procedure. Their results showed that four times as many patients were very satisfied with their night vision following surgery, compared to their night vision before surgery even when wearing their glasses or contact lenses."

In-depth Approach Is Worthwhile

The system involves comprehensive testing, which takes more time than past vision correction methods. However, the individualized approach to refractive surgery has always been stressed at Northeast Ohio Eye Surgeons. "This may not be the fastest or easiest method, but we feel it works best for our patients," Dr. Lohman says. This patient-focused philosophy is why thousands of Northeast Ohioans have chosen NEOES physicians for their refractive surgery. "Taking the time to map and evaluate a 'fingerprint' of each eye, and then matching that to an individualized treatment plan, really fits in with our overall philosophy of personalized surgery," states Dr. Lohman. Studies have shown that 70 percent of patients treated with this WaveFront system had either the same or better vision following treatment as they had with their best prescription glasses or contacts prior to surgery.






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